Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Persol 811 Pininfarina

The Persol 811 Pininfarina is part of a series that represents a collaboration with the Italian design group Pininfarina famous for their auto body design work for Ferrari with the longstanding manufacturer of high quality eyewear, Persol. This model has large brown tinted lenses and a sporty frame that typifies 80s coolness.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ray Ban Timberline

As part of a series oriented towards snow sports in the 80s the Ray Ban Timberline is typical of this generation. The frame evokes a large aviator style of design, but made in blue plastic, a material that is much more comfortable to wear in cold climates. This pair has the "changeable" blue lenses that go from a very light blue indoors to a medium dark blue in bright sunlight. With the cool blue lenses and the large somewhat nerdy frame you are left with a classic example of 80s style and flavor.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Vuarnet 502

The Vuarnet 502 has the distinctive "cateye" shape of one of their most popular models, the 002 but here it is offered in a folding variation that collapses into highly portable and compact form. The pair here also have the "Skilynx" lenses with a double gradient mirrored exterior for maximum eye protection in high altitude and high glare situations and also have a blue internal anti-reflective coating to reduce back reflections. The lenses have a strong yellow tint to them that take awhile to get used to but give significant glare reduction and increased contrast to the wearer and are very popular and effective for skiers.

American Optical Pilot

With a simple and classic form the American Optical Pilot has been the standard military issue sunglasses for pilots since 1958 and is classic example of form following function. This model features "bayonet" temples that hold onto to your head with a slight inward pressure and allows the user to quickly put them on or take them off, even when wearing a helmet or other head gear. The grey glass lenses are neutral in color to allow a true color rendition of the world while reducing glare and providing UV protection.

Persol 58230

The Persol 58230 combines a simple clean profile with a slight wraparound shape to create an elegant and sporting design. The front profile creates a slight V shape which is followed by thin temples to give a impression of speed. This frame is made in a honey brown acetate plastic and has the classic Persol brown lenses that lend a warmth to the world viewed through them. This model in black was used in the movie Terminator 2.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ray Ban Outdoorsmen Fantasees

This Pair of Ray Ban Outdoorsmen are part of their special "Fantasees" series that is distinguished by their "changeable" variable density gradient lenses. The lens color is a light brown that gets lighter towards the bottom for a very complimentary look and gets darker when exposed to bright light. This pair also has the utilitarian cable temples for a secure fit during any activities and works to balance out the delicateness of the lenses.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sutro Cinema

Sutro is a small San Francisco based brand of hand crafted sunglasses and use a unique hinge unlike any other pair of sunglasses made. The model shown here is called the Cinema and has a nicely shaped matte brown frame with high quality glass lenses made by Barberini in Italy. The hinge is not only a strong visual design feature but it is strong and very functional with a spring loaded ratchet mechanism with 3 d├ętentes and a slight spring tension to keep a secure and comfortable fit. These sunglasses have a nice simple contemporary look with vintage touches that allow for a very wearable pair of sunglasses and are good for every day type of wear. I purchased these at my new friend Dimitri's store, called Glare situated on 24th St. in San Francisco, go check them out they have a fabulous collection of sunglasses for sale.